About Us

The APL is an association of more than 1100 lawyers who practise pension law in the UK.  Our members include, to our knowledge, all of the leading legal practitioners in the field. 

The APL began life in 1984, principally as a forum for exchanging ideas amongst lawyers advising in a relatively new legal specialism.  As we have grown as a professional body and the field of pensions law has become more established, we have extended our range of activities. We are not a political organisation, and do not comment on pension policy, but we engage with Government on various initiatives, providing practical experience and technical input on legislation and regulatory guidance. 

Conferences:  Our two-day annual conference is regularly attended by more than 250 lawyers.  We promote regular conferences on current topics throughout the year, including a one-day summer conference, introductory courses (for newly-qualified lawyers and also for trainees) and courses on specialist subjects such as investment, pension litigation and the pension aspects of company sales and purchases. 

Education:  We also hold regular case law seminars, workshops on various topics and a prestige lecture from one of the leading exponents in the industry. 

Organisation:  The APL has no paid officers and no paid secretariat.  It is a non-profit making organisation, governed by a Constitution, and consisting principally of a Main Committee and the following seven sub-comittees: 

  • Communications
  • Education and Seminars
  • International
  • Investment
  • Legislative and Parliamentary
  • Pensions Litigation
  • Public Sector

The APL is run by its Main Committee, supported by the various sub-committees.  Further details on how they operate can be found on the committees page of this site.

Regional groups:  The APL also has a number of regional groups, which seek to further the APL's objectives in the various provincial regions and commercial centres of the UK.  The various groups cover:

  • the Midlands Region
  • the North East Region
  • the North West Region
  • the South West Region
  • the Scottish Group

Website: Details of the APL's activities, including how to join, how to attend our various events, and how to become more involved with the APL itself, are to be found on this website.  The site is updated regularly, and provides a valuable additional service to all pension lawyers.

Hywel Robinson, Chair


 Past APL Chairs        Period of office

 Katie Banks   2017-2019
 Rosalind Connor  2015-2017
 Anna Rogers  2013-2015
 Mark Atkinson  2011-2013
 Pauline Sibbit  2009-2011 
 Alastair Meeks  2007-2009
 Derek Sloan  2005-2007
 Tim Cox  2003-2005
 David Pollard  2001-2003
 Robert West  1999-2001
 Mark Greenlees  1997-1999
 Ken Dierden  1995-1997
 Stuart James  1993-1995
 Ian Pittaway  1991-1993
 John Quarrell  1990-1991
 Tony Thurnham  1988-1990
 Jonathan Seres  1985-1988
 Harriet Dawes  1984-1985


Wallace Medal

The Wallace Medal was inaugurated in 1992.  It is named after Keith Wallace and honours his contribution to the development of pensions literature, not least his editorship for many years of our Pension Lawyer journal.

The medal is awarded for meritorious work in communicating and explaining legal issues affecting pensions, employee benefits and employment.  The Main Committee of the APL decides on the award, and the winner is presented with a silver medal.


Wallace Medal recipients                    Year

 Philip Bennett  2020
 Philip Stear  2018
 Edward Brown 2017
 David Pollard 2015 
 Rosalind Connor 2014 
 Nabarros Pension Team (Jennifer Bell) 2013 
 Andrew Powell 2010
 Nigel Inglis-Jones QC 2008
 Jonathan Seres 2007 
 Ian Greenstreet 2004 
 Chris Mullen 2003 
 Alastair Meeks 2002
 Mark Grant 2001 
 Hugh Arthur   2000 
 Keith Wallace  1999 
 David Pollard  1998
 Philip Bennett  1996
 Robin Ellison  1994
 Jonathan Seres  1993
 APL Barber Committee  1992
 (Harriet Dawes and Belinda Benney)    


Annual conference venues                 Year 

 Edinburgh                                         2019
 Belfast 2018
 Manchester 2017 
 Budapest 2016 
 Brighton 2015 
 Birmingham 2014
 Milan 2013
 Newcastle 2012 
 Lisbon 2011 
 Manchester 2010 
 Edinburgh 2009
 Barcelona                  2008 
 Glasgow                                           2007
 Amsterdam 2006
 Bristol 2005 
 EuroDisney, Paris       2004 
 Frankfurt 2003 
 Edinburgh 2002
 Brighton 2001
 Jersey 2000 
 EuroDisney, Paris 1999 
 Bournemouth 1998 
 Edinburgh 1997
 Leeds 1996 
 Bruges                                             1995
 Bristol 1994
 Chester 1993 
 Jersey 1992 
 Dublin 1991
 Edinburgh 1990
 Bath 1989
 York 1988